Coming home

I once had a sheepdog named Sophie who was a homebody. Wherever her body was felt like home to her. If she was outdoors, she did not want to come in, and if she was in, it was tough to get her out.

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The journey to now

This week as I prepared to leave for my pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago, a little package arrived in the mail from a dear friend. In it was a silver necklace inscribed with the word journey.

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The balance dance

A couple of weekends ago at the AWAKE Festival, I found myself dancing barefoot in the center of a large drum circle. I felt wonderfully free…and totally awkward.

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What am I bracing against?

A few days ago, I intended to clean the schmutz out of the stock tank. For those of you not rurally inclined, a stock tank is a huge, heavy outdoor water container for horses and other livestock.

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Embracing wholeness

It was my first day of fourth grade at a new school in suburban Detroit–far, far away from my hometown of Houston. I sat barely moving in a swing on the playground as my classmates circled around me chanting “Talk, talk!”

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Shifting Perspective

Last weekend, I took the opportunity to do two of my favorite things—ride my horse and hike. As part of my Camino training regimen, on Sunday I walked the trail that I had ridden my horse on the day before. It made me think about shifting perspective.

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Listening to the wise ones

A couple of days before the Roe v. Wade announcement, I was driving up the dirt road to my house in broad daylight when an owl being chased by birds swooped past my windshield carrying some bloody, furry prey.

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Following the magic of the heart

Today is Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, the longest day of the year because the sun is at its furthest point away from the equator. Although we in the US recognize this as the first official day of summer, in ancient cultures, it was marked as the highest point of summer, or midsummer.

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Finding center

A few weeks ago, there was a robin moving from window to window of my house crashing itself into the glass. Google tells me he was fighting his own reflection, thinking it was another bird encroaching on his territory. This bird was essentially doing battle with himself.

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