Full moon & the tenacity of Hummingbird

On the eve of the full moon and lunar eclipse I found myself creeping my way home from a ritual gathering on a slick highway in a blowing slush-storm. There would be no moon gazing on a beautiful Spring night as I had hoped.

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You can’t rush your healing

I recently took my 14-year-old Golden Retriever to the vet for a vaccination that he has been receiving every couple of years for most of his life. This time, it nearly took him down.

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Full moon, the virgin & whalesong

As we approach the full moon in the astrological sign of Virgo on Saturday, Feb. 24, we have the opportunity to use its energy to focus inward to see what is illuminated there for us.

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Awaiting rebirth together

We’re expecting another snowstorm here in Colorado, reminding me that it’s about this time every year that I’m officially done with winter. Lucky for me, we’re halfway through!

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Effort and ease

Like many of you, we here in Colorado were steeped in a deep freeze over the weekend. Temperatures have loosened their icy grip a bit today; however, when I went outside to let my horses out of the barn this morning…

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The power of the pause

There’s a lot not going on for me this holiday season, and I love it. For the first time in at least 25 years, I’ll be spending Christmas and New Year’s away from home.

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