Ice cream & suffering

Ice cream makes you happy! At least that’s what the huge sign outside the new ice cream store next to my yoga studio assures me. Does it? Really?

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Trusting the flow

When I was 17, I almost drowned. I was swimming with my family at a California beach and got caught in a current. At first, I panicked…

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Our blazing hearts

Picture yourself at age 11. What did you like to do at that age? What were you into? My friend recently mentioned she learned from a podcast that what you loved doing at around age 11 may be what brings you happiness or even a career as an adult.

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In the belly of the ewe

About this time every year, I decide I’ve had enough of winter. Lucky for me, we’re halfway through! Wednesday is the beginning of Imbolc, the ancient Celtic celebration that marks the midway point between winter solstice and spring equinox and the return of the light.

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Field notes on thriving

I’m back in the woods after three weeks on the road, in the city and in the suburbs—places where you wouldn’t think nature abounds. Yet, this is where turtle magic found me.

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The gift of darkness

One of the few memories I have from when I was very young is my mom tucking my brother and I in bed at night. As she would begin to exit the room, we would yell, “Halfway, halfway, halfway!” begging her to leave the door open enough to allow in some light.

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Coming home

I once had a sheepdog named Sophie who was a homebody. Wherever her body was felt like home to her. If she was outdoors, she did not want to come in, and if she was in, it was tough to get her out.

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The journey to now

This week as I prepared to leave for my pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago, a little package arrived in the mail from a dear friend. In it was a silver necklace inscribed with the word journey.

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The balance dance

A couple of weekends ago at the AWAKE Festival, I found myself dancing barefoot in the center of a large drum circle. I felt wonderfully free…and totally awkward.

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