Readings & Healings

Intuitive Readings & Healings

Sometimes you need a spark of insight, a gentle releasing, or a connection to something bigger than yourself. Then you feel your wings opening.

Personal Sessions

Intuitive readings…
provide clarity when you feel stuck, overwhelmed, confused, have big questions or just want to know if you’re on the right track. You and I work in tandem with the Divine in a spiritual counseling session. Get to the root of what’s holding you back and receive guidance for living your soul’s purpose, enjoying a fulfilling career, cultivating strong relationships and feeling at peace with yourself.

works at the energetic level and can also have a positive effect on the physical body. Guides and angels help me move your energy and balance your chakras in these non-touch healing sessions.  You let go of old patterns, mental stories, stuck emotions, blocks and cords. Then you receive healing light for karmic wounds that may be preventing you from living your highest possibility.

Leave it to the guides…
Feel free to let me know if you want to focus your session on a reading or a healing. But when we leave it up to the guides, they often instruct me to offer you a combination of the two.

How We work Together

We work from the soul perspective. I assist you in seeing what’s true, rather than making predictions. We’ll address your soul lessons, misbeliefs, highest possibility and healing.

You have a role. This is your reading or healing. I am a channel for the Divine.  All three of us work together, like points of a triangle.

We move according to your soul’s readiness. You’ll receive Divine guidance on the questions you ask, but often what Spirit wants you to know goes deeper. It is helpful to come to your session with curiosity and and open mind.

You’ll heal what you’re ready to heal. Cords can be cut, old stories released and wounds healed, often instantaneously. But healing is an unwinding that can sometimes take a little time.

Tools vary. In your session, I will use some combination of the following tools as guided by Spirit: clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience, guides, angels, past lives, beloved departed, ancestors, Akashic records, soul to soul communication, and energy and body movement.

House Healings

Did you know a house can be healed? Just like humans and animals, buildings can be clogged with energy that does not serve.
They are also open to holding bright and lively energy!

If you are moving in or out, welcoming a new family member, trying to sell, or feel stuck or scary energy in your home or office, it might be time for a healing. I have worked in homes and workplaces with great success.
These healings can also be done remotely!

Client Love

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“Of all the intuitive readings I’ve had, the one with Jennifer has been the most beneficial. I was amazed by the information that came forth from the spirit world and it was uncanny how the messages resonated with what was currently going on in my life. Afterward, I felt more spiritually connected and gained some inner peace. Jennifer provided a safe space for me to candidly share with an open heart!”

–RS, Pleasantville, NY

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“Jennifer’s accessible, clear, and grounded presence as an energetic and intuitive healer has offered me profound insight into internal and external energies at play in my life. She is able to see beyond the veil to access information and wisdom that has been instrumental to my own growth in health and wisdom. She is a blessing and a gift.”

–MG, Pine, CO

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“Jennifer came to my house to do a house clearing because I had not slept a full night since moving in due to fears of intruders. I have slept soundly every night since. She cleared out lingering energies, awakened two house angels, and sealed the house with light. It’s not an exaggeration that her skill has allowed me to fondly feel like my new home is a sanctuary.”

–MJF, Denver, CO

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