Remember your wings!

with Jennifer Reeve

Intuitive guidance, healing & tools for living your highest possibility

We are meant to live wildly & expansively

Each of us is a unique expression of Divine Love who has gifts to offer our love-starved world.
When we embrace our unique Divine energy, we see possibility, we use our power, we share our gifts.

But it’s not always easy. We often feel deflated. Heavy from the stress and worry we carry.  Caged by old stories and past experiences. Disconnected from nature. Disconnected from each other.

Disconnected from ourselves.

I offer intuitive guidance, healing and tools that reconnect you to your wild, expansive Divine essence.

You can remember your wings.


Your journey to expansion begins here

Readings & Healings

Work one-on-one with me to receive intuitive guidance and energy healing.

Embodiment Practices

Experience the wisdom of your body in a Qoya or yoga class or private session.

Events & Ceremony

Connect with yourself and
others through nature-based events and sacred ceremony.


Get free inspiration for your journey in these engaging
3-minute reads.

About Jennifer

I am a modern-day mystic, a healing guide and a reflector of your sacred light. We all have infinite capacity to heal and grow. When we do so, we positively affect the world at large.

“Humaning” is hard, I know! Just like you, I’ve experienced trauma, loss, rough patches, and many times when I haven’t felt connected to my highest self. But we never need to be stuck there.

My healing approach to intuitive readings and spiritual mentoring helps you remember your Divine essence and tap into your soul wisdom. I hold space for you to step into your own power. You discover what is blocking you from living your highest potential and the choices you can make to move forward into growth and healing.

I also offer classes and events that provide tools for living your highest possibility and welcome you into supportive community.

I’m a certified Intuitive Reader and Energy Healer through Journey Within and a Visionary Psychic with Sara Wiseman.  I am also a certified vinyasa yoga teacher, Qoya teacher and Wild Woman Project circle facilitator.

While these qualifications are noteworthy, what is more important is my passion for my work and my desire to share it with you. The tools I offer have changed my life, and I believe they can change yours too.

Connected, we soar. Together, we transform the world.

Watch this video to learn more about me.

Client Love

feather 345 deg

“In just one reading, Jennifer was able to articulate and bring to the surface some thoughts and actions that were no longer serving me. She was direct, but with a nurturing gentleness on how to move forward. I would highly recommend Jennifer for anyone looking to clear out any stagnant feelings and/or behaviors that are keeping you from living your best life.”

–JJ, Morrison, CO

feather 45 deg

“For years, I had been connected to an energy from the past that no longer served me. It was confusing and had power over me. Jennifer not only helped clear this energy; she gave me insight into why I was holding on which removed the guilt and shame I was feeling. The results were immediate. I highly recommend her to anyone.  
She is the real deal.”

–LSP, Raleigh, NC

feather 290 deg

“I was able to receive this beautiful healing session over the phone while I was comfortably lying in my own bed a thousand miles away. I was a bit apprehensive at first, but Jennifer’s calm and sincere demeanor made it easy for me to relax. I truly felt the session to be insightful and healing. Jennifer left me feeling understood, grounded and tranquil. I highly recommend her work.”

—KK, Yorba Linda, CA

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