You can’t rush your healing

I recently took my 14-year-old Golden Retriever to the vet for a vaccination he has been receiving every couple of years for most of his life. This time, it nearly took him down.

He didn’t eat for a couple of days, had trouble walking and was incontinent. Happily, 2-1/2 weeks later, he seems to be back to feeling 100 percent. I had no idea the vaccine would make him so sick, and when it did, I was sure he’d be better in a day or two. But we both had to wait.

My first lesson from this incident is don’t give an old dog a vaccine. My second comes from the title of a Trevor Hall song, “You can’t rush your healing.”

My third lesson: The Universe is a persistent messenger. Probably because I often don’t clue in on the first draft.

On Friday, the day before the full moon, I spiraled into a mindspin of fears, and I was feeling the fullness of emotion this phase of the moon can bring. I was angry at myself because I could see my thoughts hooking into old wounding I believed should have been healed by now, yet I couldn’t seem to shake them.

I forgot there are no “shoulds.” I didn’t understand the looping thoughts were pointing me toward an opportunity to heal a little deeper, more completely.

And I didn’t realize you can’t rush your healing. Pain from old injuries can resurface, even after a very long time.

While I was suffering, I decided to take my old dog into the woods to my Crone Tree, a medicine tree that offers me wise counsel from time to time. But on the way, we encountered some big patches of snow and ice he refused to walk through. We found ourselves on a spot of dry land, quite far away from my special tree, basically surrounded by snow. I had to choose a new tree to meditate with. This tree provided some advice, but it was not nearly as clear and strong as I had envisioned. I cried there.

I got some help that evening from a dear friend and fellow healer who was able to connect me to the soul wisdom that would provide a wider perspective. During our session, I told my friend the tree/snow story and she pointed out the message from the Universe I had failed to notice. I was literally stuck in a place where I had to stay and feel the emotion I didn’t want to feel in order to heal.

Again, you can’t rush your healing. And sometimes being stuck is right where you need to be.

The hook from the Trevor Hall song goes like this: So, you can’t rush your healing. Darkness has its teachings. Love is never leaving. You can’t rush your healing. You can listen to the whole song on Spotify here.

When my dog was leveled by the vaccine, there wasn’t much I could do to ease his discomfort. I made a trail of throw rugs on the wood floor so he had some traction, but mostly he didn’t move much. I could only watch him and wait. (And of course, I asked healing angels to be by his side.)

I can’t really know what my dog’s experience was, but I believe at some level he knew that rushing his healing wouldn’t allow him to recover fully. I hope he also understands what a good teacher he is for me.

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Jennifer Reeve

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