Showered in light

One of my Wednesday yoga students says that since I have returned to teaching at the synagogue, there is a certain portion of the class where I become showered in light. I’d like to think I’m always this way, and guess what? You are too.

But it doesn’t always feel like it. Lately, I have been experiencing some deep sadness over the ending of a significant relationship. It’s grief. And as grief does, it comes in waves–some days I’m my usual joyful self, others I am not. I’m okay with that because even when I’m melancholy, I know the light is there. 

When I first began focusing on my spirituality, I had the notion that doing so would protect me from pain. It seems others have the same wish. Clients most often contact me for intuitive healing sessions when they are suffering. I also seek guidance more often when I’m hurting. But I now understand that my spirituality doesn’t shield me from the human experience, it gives me tools for living it. I now know that heartache contains the gift of leading us into our hearts where we find the wisdom of our higher selves, our light.

If you believe, like I do, that we are all one, you will relate to the notion of collective grief. In this phase of time, we are collectively processing grief from the losses and abuses of the last few years. Some of us are feeling it very personally. Yet is only our human form that separates good and bad, joy and pain, and so forth. At the soul level, all there is is light. 

Alana Fairchild, who describes herself as a Soul Whisperer, offers the image of a Divine intelligence that is like a beam of light flowing through a movie projector. The light shines through the film onto a blank screen projecting the stories of our lives. Sometimes these stories are love stories, other times adventure stories, or tragedies, or even horror films. But no matter what story is being projected, the light from the projector is still the same. The light is always there.

So even though life’s screenplays may terrify us or make us angry or despondent, we don’t have to be afraid. We can watch them play out. We can, and should, allow ourselves to feel how they make us feel. But we can do this knowing there is an inner Divine light shining through all of us.

As part of her June 2021 Divinestrology report, Spiritual Teacher Sara Wiseman channels this message: “In all the things you can count on, only your connection to the Divine is unchanging. Hold to this. Let all drama and chaos be noted, but do not attach to it. This is only the dream of unreality, which you can still see. Attach instead to the light, in all the ways you know how. We say: if you feel stress, attach to the light. If you feel anger, attach to the light. If you feel fear, attach to the light. And so on, and so on. This lifetime is a watershed for so many of you. Be brave, know you are on your path, and let the light show you the way.”

I’m so happy the camera caught me in the center of all that light. It reminds me of who I really am.

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Jennifer Reeve

I am  a healing guide, a space holder and a reflector of your sacred light. My aim is to help you connect with your wild, expansive Divine essence so you may freely share your gifts with the world. I offer intuitive readings, non-touch energy healings, spiritual mentoring, embodiment practices, nature connection and sacred ceremony. It would be my honor to guide you toward your expansion.

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