Intuition Play Date: Grounded & Guided

Intuition Play Date: Grounded & Guided
Saturday, May 20
3-5 p.m.
Studio B Evergreen

Discover how to open to higher wisdom!

Messages from our angels, guides and beloved departed are constant and ever-present, but since we spend most of our time in left-brain thinking, or intellect, we miss most of them. When we consciously move to right-brain thinking by directing our energy there, we open ourselves to the flow of higher wisdom that simultaneously grounds and expands us.

At this workshop you will:

  • Find out how to create optimum conditions for receiving intuitive guidance
  • Learn techniques to clear, flow and set your energy
  • Discuss the differences between guides, angels and departed
  • Meet your Earth Guide
  • Expand your awareness in a supportive circle and have fun!

A small amount of movement will be offered, but you won’t need your yoga mat. We will be sitting on the ground. Please bring a journal, pen and your curiosity.

Investment: $40
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Jennifer Reeve

I am  a healing guide, a space holder and a reflector of your sacred light. My aim is to help you connect with your wild, expansive Divine essence so you may freely share your gifts with the world. I offer intuitive readings, non-touch energy healings, spiritual mentoring, embodiment practices, nature connection and sacred ceremony. It would be my honor to guide you toward your expansion.

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