Full Moon Wisdom Wander: Walking in the Fullness of Self

Full Moon Wisdom Wander • Thursday, July 22 • 6:30-8:30 p.m.• Mt. Falcon Park, West Trailhead

Full Moon Wisdom Wander
Walking in the Fullness of Self
Thursday, July 22, 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Mt. Falcon Park, West Trailhead
Indian Hills

This month’s Full Buck Moon beckons us to focus on growing and thriving. Just like the male deer, whose velvety antlers signify its growth into strength and abundance, we too, can experience becoming our fullest selves. The energy and truth of nature can show us the way. This full moon rises in the star sign of Aquarius, an archetype that teaches how to revel in the whole of our uniqueness and to aim our special gifts toward serving the greater good. 

Full moon time provides the perfect opportunity to slow down and touch into our wild, gentle nature, to celebrate growth, and to release what no longer serves.

During this guided full moon walk, we start before dusk and watch as the moon begins to appear above the horizon. Mt Falcon Park offers wonderful views of the rising moon! We end after sunset, so bring your headlamps, your open heart, and your spirit of adventure.

Maria from Walking Inspiritus and Jennifer, from Remember Your Wings, will lead your experience as you: 

• Take time to immerse yourself with the healing sights, sounds and smells of Nature.

• Walk and be with the land through guided meditations to activate your intuition and help you gain insight

• Reconnect with Nature and let its wisdom shed light on your inner wisdom through reflections and journaling

• Participate in a guided full moon circle and ceremony

• Connect and share with others on the welcoming lap of Mother Earth

All are welcome to this very special evening.

Cost: $30


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Jennifer Reeve

Jennifer works as a healing guide by teaching Qoya and yoga, facilitating moon circles and providing energy healings and readings. Her aim is to help people connect with their Divine essence through movement, meditation and time in nature. Her work is guided by the belief that the feminine voice, power and magic are needed on earth now more than ever before!

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