Full moon, the virgin & whalesong

As we approach the full moon in the astrological sign of Virgo on Saturday, Feb. 24, we have the opportunity to use its energy to focus inward to see what is illuminated there for us.

Virgo, the sign of the virgin, points me to the meaning of virgin I resonate with most. Some say the origin of the word has more to do with the idea of wholeness than it does the idea of purity. A virgin is a person who is “one in herself” or complete in herself. The sovereign goddess. What does it mean to be complete in yourself? And if we are not feeling this completeness, how do we get there?

For inspiration, I turned to The Shaman’s Dream Oracle deck by Alberto Villoldo and Colette Baron-Reid, and received the card, Whalesong. Here is the message that channeled through me for all who wish to receive it.

Whale magic offers you the gifts of solitude and rest so you may reconnect with your truest self. Dear One, you are not broken or lacking in any way; you are, by nature, whole. But when you fight the waves of life by trying to control what cannot be controlled, when you continue to try to perform or perfect in order to be deemed worthy, you are not honoring your sovereign self. See this resting whale in a bubble that mirrors the full moon suspended in the vast Oneness. Learn from whale how to nourish your body, your energy, your spirit. Understand how this will help you remember you are complete.

If you would like me to choose a card from this deck for you to interpret, please message me. I’m also available for full card readings, intuitive readings, healing sessions and spiritual mentoring. Find out more and learn about special events here.

Happy Full Moon, Sovereign One!

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Jennifer Reeve

I am  a healing guide, a space holder and a reflector of your sacred light. My aim is to help you connect with your wild, expansive Divine essence so you may freely share your gifts with the world. I offer intuitive readings, non-touch energy healings, spiritual mentoring, embodiment practices, nature connection and sacred ceremony. It would be my honor to guide you toward your expansion.

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