AWAKE Evergreen Wellness Festival

AWAKE Evergreen Wellness Festival
October 1-3
Evergreen, CO

The AWAKE Festival was a beautiful weekend of connection and expansion!

I was at the festival all weekend offering Intuitive Healings as well as giving a talk Sunday at 10 a.m. on how to heal your own energy. Here are the notes from that talk.

Keep Your Energy Vibrating High to Stay in the Flow
Presentation at the AWAKE Evergreen Festival
Sunday, October 3, 2021

 We are more than our physical bodies.

  • We and all things are energy, therefore we can direct our own energy.
  • How do we optimize our energetic system so that we can be in our most expansive vibration, in the flow, regulate stress, support our physical health?
  • Working with the 7 best-known chakras, we can use breath, movement, visualization and nature to keep them balanced and clear.
  • The key is SLOWING DOWN & tuning in, TRUSTING SENSATION, LETTING GO of goals.
  • Nature is our mentor. Can we BE with nature without goal or purpose other than connecting and learning?

Here are some techniques anyone can use!

Establish a grounding Cord—a place for heavy energy to go

  • Sense a cord connecting from your tailbone all the way into the center of the earth.
  • It can be anything you want, a tree trunk, flower stem, column of light, etc.
  • Make sure it is connected securely to your body and also to the center of the earth.
  • Allow the cord to be as wide as your body.
  • Sense any heavy energy you would like to release dropping down the cord into the center of the earth where it is alchemized into wisdom.

Body Scan—You can sense energetic imbalances through your body

  • Connect to your breath and notice sensation
  • Try not to judge, just notice what feels sore, tight or off
  • You may be able to correspond the feeling in your body to one or more of the major chakras

Chakras: Our energy centers.
Root Chakra–Muladhara, Root Support

Stability, basic needs, security

Body parts: legs, feet, bones

When out of balance: scattered, ungrounded, money worries, lethargic, depressed

Mantra: I root to rise

Movement: Yoga-inspired, Mountain to Goddess pose

  • Stand with feet about hip distance apart, firmly rooted to earth, but not gripping
  • Arms by your side, elbows soft, pinky fingers rotated in toward your body, relax shoulders
  • Feel your legs engage, knees stay soft, slow breaths
  • Open feet wide, toes point out (duck feet)
  • With straight legs inhale, reach fingertips to sky
  • Exhale, bend knees out to side, feel feet firmly root into earth, elbows bend & palms shine forward. Shoulder blades squeeze toward each other.
  • Inhale, rise, arms reach up. Exhale, root into Goddess.

Nature mentors: The ground, trees.

Sacral Chakra–Svadisthana, One’s Own Place

Pleasure, flow, creativity, sensuality

Body parts: hips, sacrum, inner thighs, sexual organs

When out of balance: highly emotional, overly indulgent, stuck, resistant to change, stuffing emotion

Mantra: I follow the flow

Movement: hip circles 

  • Feet wide as in Goddess yoga pose
  • Start with tiny circles of the hips as if you are circling the tailbone
  • Allow (do not force) your circles to grow larger, knees can bend deeply
  • Hands on low belly or let your arms play
  • This can also be done seated

Nature mentors: Bodies of water, especially moving ones

Solar Plexus Chakra–Manipura, Shining Gem

Energy, courage, will

Body parts: Ribs, adrenal glands, digestive organs

When out of balance: feeling unworthy, passive, tired, controlling, dominating

Mantra: I shine radiantly

Movement: Side stretches

  • standing or in chair, lift one arm out to the side and over head, palm facing down.
  • Take care not to collapse into the side that is bent in.
  • Also gentle twists if your back allows.
  • Also yoga “breath of fire”

Nature mentors: Rocks, mountains, also fire

Heart–Anahata, Unstruck (sound made without the touching of two objects), Unhurt

Love including self-love, compassion, expansion

Body parts: Heart, lungs, breasts, shoulder blades

When out of balance: codependent, attention seeking, guarded, fear of intimacy

Mantra: I open to love

Movement: Robins’ Breath

  • Seated position. Hands in prayer, thumbs touch sternum, inhale here
  • Exhale, with palms together extend arms long and tuck chin
  • Inhale, open arms wide, lift chin, lift up through front of heart
  • Exhale, arms extend again, palms together, focus on opening back of heart (shoulder blades)
  • Inhale, to hands in prayer at heart, then exhale here

Nature mentors: Sun, fire, ground

Throat–Visuddha, Purification

Communication, self-expression, purification

Body parts: Throat, neck, shoulders, mouth, ears

When out of balance: shy, fear of saying the wrong thing or being “seen”, over-talking, loud

Mantra: I speak my truth

Movement: Neck rolls/lion’s breath

  • Ear to one shoulder, pause for a breath
  • Chin down, breath pause
  • Ear to other shoulder, breath pause
  • Sit with spine straight, soften shoulders
  • Tip chin up on an inhale
  • Then level head, open mouth and stick tongue out as far as possible, exhaling with a sigh/roar

Nature mentors: Wind, winged creatures

Third eye–Ajna (Ag•nya) Perceive, Command

Insight, guidance, wisdom

Body parts: Eyes, forehead, pineal gland (regulates melatonin & female hormones)

When out of balance: Thought loops, unfocused, denial, closed-mindedness

Mantra: I see clearly

Movement: Eye yoga

  • Sit with spine straight, soften shoulders, chin level
  • Move eyes only (not head) to right, up, left & down
  • Do it in opposite direction as well

Nature mentors: Moon, plants, animals

Crown–Sahasrara, Thousandfold Lotus

Connection to Oneness, awareness

Body parts: head, brain, nervous system

When out of balance: Disconnected, doubting, materialistic, self-centered

Mantra: I connect to all that is

Movement: Open crown, top of head circles

  • Sit with seat grounded or stand with feet grounded
  • With each inhale imagine the crown of your head opening—3 inches, then 6 inches, to all the way open
  • Breathe in celestial energy through this opening in the top of head
  • Gently circle top of head in one direction, then the other, starting with small circles and growing them larger

Nature mentors: Sky, stars & other celestial bodies

© Jennifer Reeve, Remember Your Wings 2021

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